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Welcome to Henfield Hire Ltd

Long term vehicle hire in Horsham, West Sussex

We specialise in providing long-term rental solutions to consumers and to businesses of all types and sizes. We offer a range of marques, covering cars, vans, minibuses for rental periods of over 28 days.

We can deliver to your location and collect again once you've finished using the vehicle. Our vehicles come with comprehensive roadside assistance and (optionally) comprehensive insurance. There are no early termination fees and no additional maintenance costs. It couldn’t be simpler.

With Henfield's long-term rental, you're getting the benefit of low fleet costs without making the long-term financial commitments associated with leasing or contract hire. It's ideal for businesses which have seasonal peaks in business volume, have new staff on probationary terms, or are looking to keep their financial flexibility while sourcing quality vehicles.

Insurance Options

We can provide comprehensive insurance for our long term vehicles. This insurance is for social, domestic & pleasure, and for business.

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