Insurance & Waivers

Henfield’s Insurance

We can provide comprehensive insurance for our long term vehicles. This insurance is for social, domestic & pleasure, and for business. It is possible to insure more than one driver, but all drivers must be declared and approved by us.

There are certain rules which we follow, mainly relating to:

  • the age of the driver(s)
  • the number of miles being driven
  • the profession of the driver and / or nature of work being undertaken (if business mileage).

We will ask you about your driving history - whether you have had any recent accidents or endorsements - and while we don’t expect everyone to have a perfect driving record (!), we do reserve the right to decline insurance for certain drivers. Be aware that only the insured driver can drive the vehicle.

Our charges

For most vehicles, our insurance policy costs around £20 per week plus VAT; an excess applies and ranges from £800 to £1000 depending on the vehicle. We take a deposit of £500 (whether or not you are taking our insurance); we refund the deposit to you when the vehicle is returned in the same condition.

What does Henfield’s insurance include?

The insurance cover indemnifies authorised driver(s) and meets UK RTA legal requirements.

What does Henfield’s insurance cover?

We cover you for claims made if you injure or kill a 3rd party, or if you cause damage to their property. Cover is also provided for loss or damage to the vehicle, subject to our terms and conditions.

How much insurance excess will I have to pay?

You will have to pay up to the excess amount shown in the table below every time you damage our vehicle.

ImageAre the contents of the vehicle covered by Henfield’s insurance?

Loss or damage to any transported property is not covered by our insurance. Your home insurance may cover transported items but we suggest you check this beforehand.

Theft Waiver

What is Theft Waiver?

Theft Waiver means you are only liable for the insurance excess in the event of a theft, attempted theft or damage as a result of theft or attempted theft. This applies up to the value of the vehicle but excludes off the road and recovery costs.

Are there exclusions to Theft Waiver?

There are some circumstances where Theft Waiver will not apply. These include:
•    Not locking all locks and security devices when leaving the vehicle unattended.
•    If the hirer did not keep the key safe at all times, or is unable to return the key.
•    Damage occurring due to driver or hirer negligence.

Is Theft Waiver included in the rental price?


Providing Your Own Insurance

We do allow this, but it is usually only corporate hirers who are able to cover vehicles on their own insurance. Cover must be comprehensive and valid for the type of vehicle hired. We must also have a copy of your insurance certificate. Please contact us for more details.

If you not a corporate hirer and wish to insure the vehicle yourself, you can do so, but we will only release the vehicle to you upon production of a valid insurance certificate. Be aware that the vast majority of domestic car insurers will NOT cover a long term rented vehicle. In insurance terms, this is different from both a short term rental and a leased vehicle. Even some customer service staff at insurance companies are not aware of the difference and will say ‘yes, it’s fine’ when it isn’t – we have had incidents in the past when it has turned out that customers who were told they were insured were in fact not covered.

This can be a very difficult and expensive problem to sort out, and can leave you both out of pocket and with major endorsements on your licence. If you choose to go down this route, you are responsible for ensuring that your cover is appropriate.

We reserve the right to contact the insurance company directly to confirm that cover applies to a long term rental.